Bendy Books: YALC 2017

Oops I may or may not have had this post inspired by a name that Christine’s (weereader) mum came up with… Bendy books I hear you ask? No, I don’t actually mean bent books, I’m talking Benedict Cumberbatch. Yes, that’s right. In case you weren’t up to date with the happenings of YALC 2017 last weekend, Benedict Cumberbatch attended London Film & Comic Con, which YALC is part of, on Saturday and Sunday. He decided that he would trudge through the YALC floor from one end to the other and basically give everybody in the room a heart attack every time. He’s now my most seen celebrity, not that I’ve seen many, and I actually even spoke to him! I mean, all I asked was ‘Hi, how’re you?’ in my excitement, but he did wave, say hello and reply ‘yeah, good thanks’ and there is video footage of this.

So anyway, let’s talk YALC. Damn, what a weekend. Since YALC started, I’ve been sat sad behind my various technological screens wishing I was there, however that sadness from FOMO does not even compare to the sadness of YALC ending and having to leave your friends behind that you may have just met for the first time after speaking for ages (Christine and Naz, I’m looking at you). I mean, yes it’s super emotional, and yes I did cry about 6-8 times on Monday because I was so upset, however I would fully recommend the weekend. It was extremely fun to meet my friends, people I’d spoken to on twitter before, be surrounded by my people as well as all of the books.

Apparently this year is the first year they’ve really given out ARC’s and boy didn’t they do it! I have come away with 15 ARC’s and a couple of samplers INCLUDING LANGUAGE OF THORNS. Sorry, that had to be in all caps because OH MY GOD, I am so happy about that one. Bkmrk (Hatchette) basically sent us on a wild goose chase which I didn’t even know I was part of until Christine snagged a copy. I will reveal all further on. I actually didn’t attend any of the panels which is probably a good thing because I know I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate! I did attend some signings though which was fab. I think if I go next year, I’d like to have read more by the authors attending so I can actually meet more authors and I’d like to actually attend panels!

Honestly, if you are considering attending this event, just do it. You have a year to save up for it from now so get saving because you don’t want to miss out! Plus, you do get access to Comic Con from 10am every day so you get two con’s for the price of 1 basically and it’s all just so much fun!


I decided that I would go down on the Thursday because honestly, it was just much easier than having to get up at god knows what time to make it to YALC in time on a Friday morning. Christine, Lauren and Heather were also all going down on Thursday and myself and Christine were roomies so yah. I met up with them at Euston station before we went off to our hotels. We met up a bit later, went for pizza and then visited Piccadilly Waterstones and Foyles! We also passed the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child theatre which was super cool as I have not seen it in the flesh before and it made me excited because I am going to see it next year! We then again went our separate ways to get some rest ready for Day One of YALC!


(The Holy Trinity, as called by Karen, Christine’s sister) So Christine and I got to the convention centre for 8:15/8:30am and the queue was already building up, however it did move quite quickly. Naz and Ciara also met up with us in the queue. Once we’d stepped out the lift and onto the YALC floor, it was all a bit of a blur. We were trying to find Lauren and Heather, but then we spotted Josephine Boyce (indie author who had her own stand there this year!) and we (I mean I) also wanted to nab a copy of There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins. So the first thing we did was run to My Kinda Book and grab a copy of that, I also picked up a few samplers! The rest of the day was also pretty quick and full of running because this is what I call ARC day. I came away with 3-4 tote bags, one had books I had brought with me to be signed and the others had ARCs and swag. My shoulders were cursing me the next day for being so ruthless and honestly, I think next year I’ll be taking a backpack. I said I wouldn’t pick up stuff I didn’t need but the excitement just took over and I just went for anything and everything I thought looked interesting. It didn’t help that publishers also had goodies to give away too!

I managed to snag a highly anticipated 2017 book which is There’s Someone Inside Your House and also a sampler of another highly anticipated book, The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo. In order to grab a copy of Language of Thorns, you had to find one of the gold chocolate coins that Bkmrk were leaving around the floor. I luckily spotted one and dashed over to grab it before anyone else spotted it. I liked this as I thought it was a fair challenge. I don’t even know whether to eat the chocolate coin because it’s chocolate but then it’s all pretty and is a reminder of that time that I ran across the convention floor for it (one of many times I ran..). I will be showing a haul of what I got at YALC in a separate post, but on Friday, I picked up 8 ARCs, a few samplers, I bought 3 books from Bloomsbury because they were 3 for £10 and bought 2 books from author Josephine Boyce! I am really excited to read all of these books, although I have had to make a schedule for my ARCs as I can’t remember which ones come out when!

I was able to meet the lovely Alwyn Hamilton after she signed my books and I did actually speak to her earlier in the day, so it was nice to see her again!

OH, AND THIS HAPPENED! Steven Yeun (aka Glenn in The Walking Dead, one of my favourite TV shows ever FYI) attended Comic Con and so when I found out, I asked my parents for the photo op so I could meet him as my birthday is in July. They kindly bought it for me and so yep, I met Steven Yeun and basically died because Glenn is one of my favourite characters from the show!


Day Three was a pretty good day, however we did actually leave early. Myself and Christine met Nazima, Ben and Taran at the station and walked down together. It was really nice to have a little group together and the line definitely went quickly. I managed to snag a few ARCs on this day, including Zenith which there were mad rushes for every single time. Everybody wanted that book, I swear! We then chilled and just visited the other booths. (Pics are with Ben of BenjaminofTomes and with Victoria Schwab…I think you can work out who’s who!)

Day three is where Bendy Cumberbath Part I begins. It was very unexpected and at first it was very low key. The first time I spotted him, I was sat with friends just chilling waiting for The Hazel Wood to be released by Penguin because I had been waiting all of Friday and they stopped giving it away. I was not going to miss this book. As I was sat with friends, Benedict Cumberbatch walked past, however at first I had my back to him. We all squealed basically in disbelief. It was amazing to be honest that more people weren’t screaming, I think everyone was in shock. After getting over the shock of Benedict Cumberbatch appearing, we milled about the floor a bit more, headed down to the actual comic con floor to take a look (I went on Friday for my photo shoot) and it was absolutely heaving. We left at 3pm because myself and Ben both had headaches so weren’t feeling too good! Unfortunately, this meant that we missed Benedict walking in on Non Pratt’s head shave, but I think Sunday made up for that.


Day four was a whole lot more chilled than the rest of the weekend and it was bittersweet as you could tell YALC was starting to wind down a bit. It was also my last day with my gals Christine and Nazima. We basically spent Sunday just wandering round, although we did luckily snag an ARC of Invictus by Ryan Graudin. I read my first book by her, Wolf by Wolf, whilst travelling in Europe and I enjoyed it so I knew I had to snag a copy. Not to mention, she was signing that day so even more reason to get it! Alwyn Hamilton also revealed the cover to her third book, Hero at the Fall which was super cool to see. When we spoke to her on Friday, she had shown us her red and gold sparkly nails and said they matched her cover so I knew what the colour scheme was before. I really love the cover and think it’s just totally gorgeous!

Now, Bendy Cumberbath Part II happened on Sunday and it was wonderful. I think I saw him maybe 5 or 6 times on Sunday, presumably he felt safer walking through because he now knew what the YALC crowd were like when we saw him (quiet and in shock, mostly). Ok, so stalker mode was activated ever so slightly on Sunday at one point. We had spent every day sat at Josephine Boyce’s stand, which was opposite the ‘green room’ where the celebs hung out. So on one occasion, we sat there and waited where we met two lovely girls, Liv and Lisa, who were also waiting. I have no clue how long it took, but he finally came out and this is where my time to shine happened. He came out and walked past, and I stupidly said ‘hi, how’re you?’ WHO DOES THAT?? anyway, he politely replied ‘hello, yeah good thanks’ and I was a little in shock because someone who I think is such a fab actor, actually acknowledged my existence????? Anyway, that basically made my weekend, not to mention that I probably see Benedict about 7/8 times, mostly on Sunday. We then continued to just chill and walk around the convention, I was waiting for the Patrick Ness signing which wasn’t on until 4pm.

Nazima eventually left us and I thought I was going to cry because uh-oh, the weekend was definitely beginning to come to an end which was not what I wanted. We then also said goodbye to Lauren and Heather at this point so then it was just me and Christine. We did, however, spend a bit of time with friends Kate, Anna and Hollie which was lovely. We had seen them throughout the weekend but Sunday was when we really spent time together! Kate also had to leave, because she had a train to catch so then there were 4. We were all just hanging out, just waiting around after I’d seen Patrick Ness, when I had my last sighting of Bendy. Now this has become one of my favourite memories of the weekend just because it was so hilarious. Bendy came out of the green room and there was a panic between us. We essentially decided to run from one end to the other, so we run out from where we were stood, paused, looked round the corner to see if he was taking his usual route, he was not. We then practically sprinted to the end, stopped at the My Kinda Book booth, I dropped down like ‘act casual’, Anna landed on my foot so her legs were all up in the air, Christine was wall sitting with her phone out to take pics yet she took none and I think Hollie was just thinking what the hell is going on! We must’ve looked a right sight, however it was worth it just to see Bendy checking out the Waterstones stand before walking off. I’d love to know if he saw all the commotion that we had caused because we must’ve looked so funny!

Following that, me and Christine left (not before we saw Natalie Dormer though!) Anna and Hollie and like that, YALC was over. I was so sad, I don’t think I’ve actually ever been so sad as I was. I had just met my friends for the first time in real life and it was such a short amount of time. Myself and Christine then basically spent the evening talking about YALC and watching a bit of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.


I suppose day five doesn’t really count, but on Monday, myself and Christine parted ways. Christine is one of my best friends in the universe and we’d basically spent the whole weekend with each other. We were both leaving from different stations so we had to part at King’s Cross station. I basically just started crying and then couldn’t stop until I got on the train home. Not great when you have an hour to wait either. I did start to feel a little better once I actually got on my train home, although I did tear up a few times. But I did what I do best, and read a bit of Our Dark Duet on the train back to distract myself.

So there you have it! YALC 2017 was absolutely amazing and I would fully recommend it to anyone and everyone who loves Young Adult books. I am now on a ban as a result of YALC but it’s ok, I have that many books to read, I think I should survive! I mostly just loved meeting all of my friends and I already want to see them all again. I am really hoping that I will be able to attend next year, although I know I’ll be seeing my friends before then because I will make sure of it!

Here are some pictures of the convention in case you’d like to get a feel for what the floor is actually like! 🙂

Anna and the Swallowman by Gavriel Savit


Title: Anna and the Swallow Man

Author: Gavriel Savit

Pages: 240

Publisher: Bodley Head

Published: 2016

Source: Bought

Rating: ★★★

Kraków, 1939, is no place to grow up. There are a million marching soldiers and a thousand barking dogs. And Anna Lania is just seven years old when the Germans take her father and suddenly, she’s alone.

Then she meets the Swallow Man. He is a mystery, strange and tall. And like Anna’s missing father, he has a gift for languages: Polish, Russian, German, Yiddish, even Bird. When he summons a bright, beautiful swallow down to his hand to stop her from crying, Anna is entranced.

Over the course of their travels together, Anna and the Swallow Man will dodge bombs, tame soldiers, and even, despite their better judgement, make a friend. But in a world gone mad, everything can prove dangerous…

Having just completed my History degree, I decided that I would branch out into historical fiction books finally. This one caught my eye as it was newly released when I first spotted it in Waterstones, and I hadn’t seen or heard of it anywhere in the book community. I have only read one or two historical fiction books, one of which I have posted an old review of on this blog a few weeks back. This was really another dip into the genre. Now this is nothing against historical fiction, but I wasn’t really sure how I felt about this book. I know some people may read this and call it beautifully written and it was, but it just wasn’t the style of writing for me. There was a lot of description and just writing, as opposed to dialogue. I really enjoy dialogue filled books, but this wasn’t exactly that.

So they story goes, Anna begins as a seven year old girl in Krakow, 1939. Her father, a scholar, goes to work one day and never comes back. This is the beginning of war, you know. So Anna stops with one of the friends her dad has, before meeting the Swallow Man. We never learn his name, and honestly, we never learn much about him at all. With the Swallow Man, Anna goes on a journey, although the destination, who knows? Although set in World War Two, we don’t get to see many of the effects of war or destruction except for in one part of the book where we do get a glimpse of war on the Eastern front. Other than that, it seems to just be woods and walking for the majority of the book.

This book was very poetic in it’s prose, or at least that’s the closest to how I felt it was written. For this reason, I couldn’t quite throw myself into it wholeheartedly because books that are written in this way –  perhaps ‘purple prose’ – are books that I find myself slipping into my own thoughts with because they don’t fully capture my attention. I also felt like this story and book was as if you were sat in a donut on a lazy river. It was slow and not fast paced at all. It was very confined to the characters and did not tend to branch out much from them until the end. The ending was also very abrupt, or at least I thought so.

A short review for a short book. I was a little disappointed in this book and I really am hesitant to give it 3 stars, I feel it was perhaps 2.5, especially having a little time to digest it a bit more.

So, would I recommend this book? Possibly. It really depends what you like. If you’re in to books that are poetic and mysterious then this book might be for you. It is not for you if, like me, you want answers and fast paced books. If you have read this, please let me know what you think. I have not seen it much round the book community!

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MelvisMakes Book Buddy

You may or may not have seen but there are a few companies that make book wallets. One is MelvisMakes. I recently discovered this shop via instagram and quickly fell in love with the designs. I didn’t think that it would arrive in time for my travels but it did which I was chuffed about as I was able to take it away with me! That’s 6 weeks including 13 stops around Europe, so I feel that I have really put it to the test. I thought I’d show you guys my MelvisMakes book case as I love it.

MelvisMakes is super affordable and as the creator is based in the UK, the shipping is cheap! I chose to go for a pre-made design which is this planets fabric and it’s such a lovely, soft texture. I had seen this one about a bit on Instagram and its probably one of my favourite designs. There was only one left and it was in the large style so I consider myself lucky to have got it. The large says that you can fit a standard hardcover book in this buddy, however I managed to get two paperback books in mine, plus my Kindle!

Don’t you just love this fabric? I think it’s so cute and it was definitely my favourite of all the designs, although I did have a difficult time choosing! On some of the book buddies where you can pick the size of the buddy, you can also pick the inside of the fabric. Again, mine was pre-made so it was chosen for me but it was a plain colour that fits fine with the outside design.

The first book to go in my buddy is City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare. I read this one my travels! I also managed to keep bookmarks and postcards I picked up on my travels safe in here. Not just a book buddy, but a buddy for all.

As you can see, I managed to get two books in – City of Ashes and Anna and the French Kiss – and my Kindle paper white. I only popped my Kindle in there to see if it would fit and it does, so that’s an extra point from me!

I am really glad that I found MelvisMakes as I just love my book buddy. I am super happy with it and have already bought another one in one of the owners FiverFriday’s. FiverFriday is when a selection of pre-made book buddies go up of a few different sizes for £5 (not including shipping). I was up early catching a train in Munich anyway so I managed to score a pretty red with white stars book buddy.

My verdict for this buddy is…5/5 stars! It is so perfect and definitely has passed the test after 6 weeks away with it. It is still in perfect condition and is now accompanying me on my trip to London for YALC (which I am currently away at).

Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco


Title: Hunting Prince Dracula

Author: Kerri Maniscalco

Pages: 418

Publisher: Jimmy Paterson Books

Published: 2017

Source: ARC from Publisher (thank you!)

Rating: ★★★★★

Following the grief and horror of her discovery of Jack the Ripper’s true identity, Audrey Rose Wadsworth has no choice but to flee London and its memories. Together with the arrogant yet charming Thomas Cresswell, she journeys to the dark heart of Romania, home to one of Europe’s best schools of forensic medicine…and to another notorious killer, Vlad the Impaler, whose thirst for blood became legend.

But her life’s dream is soon tainted by blood-soaked discoveries in the halls of the school’s forbidding castle, and Audrey Rose is compelled to investigate the strangely familiar murders. What she finds brings all her terrifying fears to life once again.

With just a month between now and September, I thought I’d finally post my review of Hunting Prince Dracula and explain to you why you should have this book pre-ordered and on your most anticipated books of 2017! This review will be shorter than I would like it to be, just because I don’t want to say too much without spoiling it as it’s not even out yet!

This was definitely one of my most highly anticipated books of the year and I was both shocked and extremely excited when I received a copy for review. I basically devoured it within a few days although towards the end, I tried to pick up something else to drag out the inevitable ending as I just didn’t want to finish this book! The book is set primarily at a Forensic Medical school in Romania and uses the story of Dracula to create an epic murder mystery tale. I really liked this setting and thought it was unique to the story. I also loved the castle and the secret passageways – that’s exactly what you expect from a mystery novel, especially one that is set in such a famous place.

The story was constantly interesting and was quite fast-paced. It was constantly switching from light to dark and from funny to serious. It wasn’t really connected in terms of the mystery to the previous book, but I feel like if you do want to read this book, it is best to read the first book in the series first as it makes a lot more sense, plus you get a much better feel for the characters.

There were several new characters in this book, but other characters that featured in the first book, such as Audrey Rose’s cousin and aunt were still spoken of. Audrey Rose and Thomas are perhaps two of my favourite fictional characters to ever exist. They perfectly compliment each other, with their witty banter and expert skills, I just love them both and was so happy to get another book with them. Their relationship is one where you’re questioning ‘are they? aren’t they?’ and I really enjoy their communications. I love that Thomas is almost constantly trying to impress Audrey Rose, and that he really puts the effort into trying to show that he cares for her. Audrey Rose is a strong character but in this book, we see her trying to carry on with her life alongside trying to cope with the events of Stalking Jack the Ripper. I feel like we really see her progress and grow throughout this book and ultimately come out of it stronger.

As always, the ending had me completely lost for words. With both books, I think I have it sussed out who is the culprit, and both times I have been wrong so it’s always a surprise to me. Kerri has this really wonderful way of making the villain who you least expect it to be, and in a way you can almost sympathise with them. This was much the same with Hunting Prince Dracula, however I didn’t sympathise with the culprit this time, unlike with Staking Jack the Ripper where I did. I just couldn’t believe that I had been so far off with my guess for who was playing Dracula!

I really already cannot wait for the third book to be released already and have a long wait ahead of me. I miss both Audrey Rose and Thomas and honestly can’t wait to see what they get up to in the next novel together. I’m looking forward to the humour and witty banter between them in future books.

Here are a few reasons why you should most definitely divulge into this wonderful series!

  1. It features a kickass female lead character
  2. A handsome, witty and humorous young man features in the novels
  3. It’s a wonderful combination of mystery and adventure, based on historic events
  4. Kerri has the ability to make you not want to put these books down
  5. The series is all around incredible so far and is not one to be missed!

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Why I love my Kindle

Once upon a time on my old blog, I wrote a post about Kindles VS Physical books. I received a Kindle paper white for Christmas 2015 and that day, I completed my first Kindle book. Having now had my Kindle for a year and a half now and the debate about which is better having died down a lot more, I thought I’d write a couple of points on why I love my Kindle. If you’re contemplating purchasing a Kindle, you may find this helpful!

  1. I can carry around so many more books and they weigh soooo much less
  2. My books don’t have to keep competing for shelf space (well they do but my Kindle lessens it a bit..)
  3. They are cheaper (most of the time..)
  4. It has a helpful ‘minutes left in book’ line in the bottom corner which means that…
  5. I read books a lot faster on my Kindle – I really don’t know how or why, but I do!
  6. You can make notes and highlight lines without damaging the book
  7. I can actually fit this in my bag without having to switch out to another bag to accommodate it, unlike physical books
  8. I can read in bed and I don’t have to get in to an awkward position to try and read both pages because its all on screen
  9. Kindle books/Amazon vouchers make for very easy gifts
  10. Kindle books have exactly the same content that they do in physical books – there’s no difference!

I hope this post has helped you if you’ve been deliberating on whether to get a Kindle. They are super useful and handy, especially if you’re on the go or going away and you just have no idea what books to take!  Of course, I can only comment on my experiences of the Kindle Paperwhite which is super good if you want to read outside or in the dark because it has the lit back screen which is really good! Do you have a Kindle? If not, has this made you think of getting one?

The Changeling’s Journey by Christine Spoors

Title: The Changeling’s Journey

Author: Christine Spoors

Pages: N/A

Publisher: Self-Published

Published: 2017

Source: ARC from Christine (thank you!)

Rating: ★★★★★

Ailsa is dead. Leaving Morven the last surviving changeling in the village. Everyone knows it is only a matter of time before she too is dead. Desperate to find out why the fairies steal human babies, and to save her own life, she leaves her family behind, travelling north into the fairy kingdoms with her best friend.

They soon find that making their way through vast magical forests, across kelpie-ridden lochs and over seemingly endless mountain ranges is more than they were prepared for. Despite the countless evenings spent listening to stories about adventures, fairies and magic, they find themselves out of their depth. Fighting to stay alive.

Meanwhile in the fairy kingdoms, Princess Freya of Culhuinn struggles to cope with life now that her love has been taken from her. Whilst Queen Euna of Norbroch spends more time lost in her memories than she does ruling her kingdom.

One changeling’s journey to save her life will alter their world forever.

The Changeling’s Journey is a really unique book that one of my bestest friends ever has written. Although she is my friend and I was sent this copy for review, this is no way affects my review. The book is genuinely amazing and that good. I can’t wait for everyone to read it!

The Changeling’s Journey is unique for its use of Scottish culture and folklore. As someone who doesn’t know much folklore, particularly Scottish folklore, I found this to be interesting but I also did actually find myself linking things in the book to things that I had heard of. I really liked the incorporation of these tales into this book. This book was also really well written and I am super proud of Christine for writing and creating this wonderful story.

This book also had a few different PoVs which made the story interesting as it meant that we got to see many more parts of the world that the story is set in. The story really follows Morven, the last Changeling in her village, who goes off on an adventure to the Fairy Kingdoms in search of a ‘cure’. It’s not really a cure as such, it’s more of a way around it. I felt really invested in this book because I liked Morven and I really enjoyed seeing her journey across the land and really just seeing her grow with her experiences. I also liked Glen as I thought that he was a funny and cute character.

Something that I really loved was that there was such a strong friendship between Morven and Glen. I love books that don’t just feature romance, but also strong friendships and this book ticked that box for me. So although this book does have different PoVs, I felt that this was mainly Morven’s story, which it is. My favourite character in this book probably was Morven or Euna. I thought that they were both interesting in their own ways and I’d love to hear more about what they get up to following the events of this book.

The journey was interesting because I felt that there were a lot of things that Morven discovered on her travels. There were new towns and villages with new experiences and things to try. There were new characters that came up throughout the book. It wasn’t sunny all the time, which made it more realistic because as this is based on Scottish folklore, the weather should also be authentic and as most of you know, it is mostly always raining in Scotland and in the U.K. in general! I loved how the story began to come together so nicely and I felt so excited whenever I saw it happen. The journey was just really interesting and I really felt like I learnt some new things about Scotland and its tales, which is a bonus as I love fantasy and I love learning things and this book did both!

The ending was surprising but really good. I felt like it wrapped up nicely and any loose ends were tied up, however I did ask Christine about a certain character in the book because I wanted to know what their future would be like!

There were so many different elements to this story that really came together to make my experience of reading it amazing. I really enjoyed The Changeling’s Journey for its blend of Scottish tales thus creating this fantastic story. It definitely took me on a wild ride and I totally devoured it. I would most definitely recommend it, and for those of you who are giant fans of folklore, tales, fairies and/or adventure, this is a must read!

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Flights of Fantasy: Introduction and Update

Flights of Fantasy is hosted by AlexaLovesBooks and HelloChelly. I’ve participated the last 2 or 3 years now in my efforts to read more Fantasy, and since starting a challenge that encourages you to read more fantasy books, I have ended up falling in love with them. So much so, that a load of my contemporary books that I’d bought around 2 years are still sat on my shelves unread (although that’s not exactly surprising, given the amount of unread books I have..).

I am linked up to the original post through my twitter I believe, but now that I have my own blog (hurrah!), I can post updates on here! So, my Goodreads goal for the year is 20 books, so my original goal for this challenge was 5 books. I know it’s a small amount, however I had to take into consideration that I was finishing my final year of university this year and that I am going travelling in Europe for 6 weeks over Summer (actually I am away right now as this is posted!). As it turns out, I’ve now completed my 2017 Goodreads goal and I’ve gone over my original Fantasy books goal of 5 books, so I’m going to bump up my goal to 10 books.

Fantasy books read so far:

1. Frostblood

2. The Star Touched Queen

3. Caraval

4. A Court of Mist and Fury

5. A Court of Wings and Ruin

6. The Changeling’s Journey

Fantasy books on my ’30 books to read this year’ list:

  • The Crown’s Game
  • A Gathering of Shadows
  • Glass Sword
  • Snow Like Ashes
  • Crooked Kingdom
  • The Winner’s Curse
  • Nevernight
  • And I Darken
  • Truthwitch
  • Rebel of the Sands
  • The Wrath and the Dawn
  • Cruel Beauty
  • Frostfire
  • Uprooted
  • The Forbidden Wish

So that’s 15 books in total to read, half of my list! Hopefully I can read all of these books by the end of the year but we shall see! I’ll be aiming to add this onto my Wrap-Up posts from now on, starting with the June/July wrap up! How many fantasy books have you read so far?